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Church of the Nations (CotN) was birthed in 1978 as a vision given to the founder, Tony Fitzgerald. Initial ministry hubs developed into the planting and establishing of local churches and Jubilee Church, Maidstone, was one of the first CotN churches founded.

We give thanks for the faithful men and women who have served Jubilee Church during its growth and development since the early 1980s. We have met as a church community in various locations including: the Tonbridge Road Scout Hut, the YMCA in South Maidstone, the community centre in George Street, the Car Showroom in Upper Stone Street, and in several temporary locations until we settle in our permanent home in the Parkwood/Langley Park Industrial Estate.


We welcome new people who seek to join us as we grow and develop into the future.


Biologically identical twins are born with the same DNA but they live differently because of different values. Although many churches have similar DNA, the values they adopt give each one a different feel and flavour.

We seek to live out values that reflect the heart and character of Jesus Christ and how He intends us to live as a church community. Jubilee church is part of Church of the Nations (CotN) and we hold to the CotN biblical values listed below:


As a church leadership, we accept the Christian Bible as the standard for belief in God and a godly lifestyle. Our beliefs are stated in the Church of the Nations faith statement (see below). We are also members of the Evangelical Alliance and agree with the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith.

We believe Jesus revealed truth in how He lived, acted and related to those around Him. We believe the church and His disciples also demonstrate His truth in the ways they live and act as a community. Please find our statement of faith listed below:​​​


Jubilee Church Maidstone has enjoyed the use of a number of buildings at a number of different locations in our move towards a permanent home. We are currently in the process of the development of a plot of land next to the Royal Mail Delivery Office in the Parkwood Industrial Estate. As one of our biggest faith ventures yet, the site is purchased and the foundation works are about to start. We trust that the new building will be ready within the year - please pray for us and watch this space.

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