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Make yourself comfortable and put your feet up, because Home Groups are the place where the family connection we call Church really happens. They’re where we get to know one another, care for each other’s needs, and enjoy life together.


Jubilee’s Home Groups, although displaying similar ethos, each have a different flavour and feel according to their leaders and members. Home Group members may be connected by a similar geographical location but many are based around relationship or similar life stage.


Home Groups meet midweek, mostly in the evenings, but also do all sorts of other things together at other times. Important aspects of Church life, such as: friendship, discipleship, accountable relationships, discussion of key subjects, and encouragement and edification between members, work so much better in a small group setting.

We have two sets of Home Groups (about 5 in each) that form a Cluster, and each Cluster is overseen by a leadership couple, allowing pastoral oversight of the whole Jubilee body. The Home Group and its leaders are also served by a Pastoral Team, who provide help, support and encouragement, and carry out visits from time to time.


The best group to join is the one where you already belong, so if you have a friend at Jubilee or you’ve got to know someone then why not ask to pop along to their group?

Or if you prefer, you can email us at and one of the office team will get in touch to introduce you to a group. You’re very welcome to visit for an evening and see where you fit in.

Here is a list of the different locations across Maidstone where Home Groups are currently meeting:

  • Allington

  • Vinters Park

  • Bearsted

  • Parkwood

  • East Sutton

  • Boughton Monchelsea

  • East Farleigh

  • Barming

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