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At the core of a Christian’s faith is the belief that a man called Jesus, who lived approximately 2000 years ago in the small nation of Israel, proclaimed with His words and demonstrated in His actions that He had been sent by God to save the world from the destruction of sin and death. 


The crucial parts of this belief are that Jesus: 

  • is the Son of God

  • lived a perfect human life

  • died on a cross to pay the debt for all humanity’s sin

  • was resurrected from death to life

  • rose to heaven to be with the Father and to send a helper - the Holy Spirit

  • will return to earth a final time as King

This is the good news that Christians are instructed to share with the world around them. It is a message of life, forgiveness, salvation, freedom, hope, and eternity. An invitation to know Jesus, accept His forgiveness and to follow Him is available to all - no matter who they are or what they have done. 

This invitation is yours too! If you want to accept this gift of salvation you can say the prayer below. We encourage you to share this decision with someone and begin meeting with other believers. We'd love to celebrate your decision with you too - you can email us at

You can say this prayer to give your life to Jesus:

Dear Lord

I admit I have sinned and done selfish and wrong things that hurt you, myself and others.

I believe that you died for me, in my place, and ask your forgiveness for the things I have done wrong. I believe you came alive again and in your life I can have new life.


I commit my life to you, making you Lord and number one in all my thoughts and decisions. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit. I now live my life for you.



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