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We believe that children are a blessing from the Lord. We want to support parents in their raising of children and help children to understand the love and character of God. 


God’s Word demonstrates the importance of teaching children in the right way while they are young (Prov. 22:1). We also see examples of the care and love Jesus displayed for children, and the value He placed in the faith of a child (Luke 18:16). We are called to follow in His footsteps and do the same.

What a privilege and responsibility to equip children with truth from the Bible and principles that will enable them to make wise choices for living. We are passionate about children getting to know God through His Word, and our Saviour, Jesus Christ, from a young age. 


POD is our children’s ministry that meets most Sundays during the Celebration to ensure our children receive input relevant to them, have the opportunity to spend time with friends and have fun while learning more about God and His Word.

All children's work operates under our safeguarding policy. More details available upon request.

POD age range and times:

  • School years Reception to Year 6 (ages 4 to 11 yrs old)

  • Sunday afternoons during the Celebration. We encourage children to be in the main gathering with their families for the beginning of the Celebration, and are released after about half an hour, for the duration of the talk or preach.

The leadership team of POD is overseen by Joani Konijn. Our volunteer children’s team have a background in teaching, youth work, ministry or are parents. All leaders are checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and all requirements for safeguarding children are fulfilled.


To find out more about POD, please contact Joani at the church office (

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